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85,86 EUR*
Details Strongly Stabilizable Distributed Parameter Systems (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics, Band 20)

Strongly Stabilizable Distributed Parameter Systems Questions concerning stability arise in almost every control problem. This book provides a solid mathematical framework for a structured approach to strongly-stabilizable systems, via integration of ...

9,54 EUR*
Details Kerbl 80764 Strongly Knochen, 28 x 14 cm, dunkelblau

? extrem robust, langlebig und bissfest? Oxford Gewebe, 100 % Polyester? schwimmfähig

10,00 EUR*
Details Kerbl 80765 Strongly Ente, 30 x 23 cm, dunkelblau

? extrem robust, langlebig und bissfest? Oxford Gewebe, 100 % Polyester? schwimmfähig

21,49 EUR*
Details Liu Bin's Zhuang Gong Bagua Zhang, Volume Two: South District Beijing's Strongly Rooted Style

In volume 2 of Liu Bin's Zhuang Gong Bagua Zhang, Professor Zhang Jie documents the style of Bagua Zhang developed by Liu Bin, one of Cheng Ting Hua's top students. Professor Zhang became a disciple in this tradition in 1979, apprenticing under the ...

14,35 EUR*
Details Command 17065CLR-ES Medium Draht-Haken – transparent, transparent, 17065CLR-VPES

Command, 6 Count, Clear, Medium Wire Toggle Hook Value Pack, 8 Strips, Damage Free Hanging, Holds Strongly, Removes Cleanly. Command(R) Clear Medium Wire Toggle Hook Value Pack 17065CLR-VPES. Damage Free Hanging. Holds Strongly. Removes Cleanly.

218,45 EUR*
Details Scotch ATG Gold Transfer Tape Roll-.5"X36yd, For Use In ATG700

Bonds most paper, foil, film, metal, printed surfaces, glass and sealed wood. Ideal for matting and framing. Bonds instantly and strongly. Acid-free. More Info: 3M-Scotch ATG Gold Transfer Tape. This acid free tape bonds instantly and strongly to most ...

11,95 EUR*
Details Galeria Strukturgel Mineral 250 ml

This gel contains medium-sized dark grey pumice particles. It produces a strongly textural, variegated surface.

20,17 EUR*
Details Command 17091CLR-BB, mittelgroße Haken, Blau

Damage-Free Hanging;Package Contents: 2 hooks, 4 clear strips;Holds Strongly; Easy to apply and remove

21,13 EUR*
Details Command Befestigungs-Clips mit weißen Streifen

Damage-Free Hanging;Holds strongly;Removes cleanly;Easy to apply and remove;Works on a variety of surfaces

22,42 EUR*
Details Command (HOM-14) Transparente Ablage, mit transparenten Klebestreifen, mittelgroß

Damage-Free Hanging;Clear caddy, clear strips;Holds strongly;Removes cleanly

30,08 EUR*
Details Eight Eurocentric Historians

Eight Eurocentric Historians This volume examines and critiques the work of a diverse group of Euricentric historians who have strongly shaped our understanding of world history Full description

19,95 EUR*
Details Command 17089S-ES Packung mit 3 Klammern/4 Klebestreifen

Damage-Free Hanging;Size: Small;Color: Slate;Package Contents: 3-Clips, 4-Small Clear Strips;Holds strongly

8,84 EUR*
Details Command Kunststoff Badewanne Haken, 17053BN

Traditional adhesive hook Holds on strongly Comes off cleanly No nail holes Brushed Nickel finish Large design Each hook holds 3 lbs Includes 2 adhesive strips

22,06 EUR*
Details Gladiator's Tale

True to the bones Swedish Power Metal outfit Veonity, blend meaningful lyrics with deep rhythmic layers of Epic-Power Metal strongly influenced by the likes of Gamma Ray, Helloween, Edguy and Freedom Call

15,75 EUR*
Details Command Round Cord Clips, Clear, 10-Clips (17017CLR-10ES) by Command

Damage-Free Hanging;Clear clips, clear strips;Holds strongly;Removes cleanly

13,05 EUR*
Details Command Clear Smartphone Halterung Durchsichtig mit Klebestreifen zum Befestigen (HOM-17)

Damage-Free Hanging;Clear caddy, clear strips;Holds strongly;Removes cleanly

2,60 EUR*
Details Befehl Medium Designer Haken in Vintage Blaugrün (17081vt)

Decorative hooks with Command? adhesive strips hold strongly yet can be removed cleanly with no surface damage.

9,98 EUR*
Details Spear & Jackson 6,5 Zoll Eimerkelle, 10565B-08

Features:- Wooden handle- Strong steel ferrule- Standard tang diameter- Protective lacquer- Tang strongly welded to blade- High lift tang for knuckle clearanceSpecifications:Size - 165mm (6?")...

15,80 EUR*
Details Heavy Envelope

1° - Movies, Movies - 4:33 2° - Lowest Supreme - 4:45 3° - Lay Low - 4:34 4° - Coloured Blue - 5:06 5° - Sokushinbutsu - 6:15 6° - Venomous - 7:22. They strongly stepped into the fourth stage of their publish then perform path and released their ...

15,98 EUR*

The latest collection of fun and funky praise and worship songs for kids from the popular Doug Horley. His usual collection of musical styles, along with the fast-talking characters Harry & Larry feature strongly. Jumpin dance tracks, action songs ...

8,34 EUR*
Details Spear & Jackson 6 Zoll Spitzkelle, 10506P

Features:- Wooden handle- Strong steel ferrule- Standard tang diameter- Protective lacquer- Tang strongly welded to blade- High lift tang for knuckle clearance Specifications:Size - 125mm (5")Handle - Wooden

10,36 EUR*
Details Spear Jackson &27.94 cm Breiter Fersenbereich Maurerkelle, Holzgriff

Wooden handle, strong steel ferrule;Tang strongly welded to blade;Protective lacquer;High lift tang for knuckle clearance;Standard tang diameter

3,54 EUR*
Details Draba Ramosissima Seeds

This most unusual, petite plant has beautiful basal rosettes, rather resembling hens-and-chicks sempervivums, and disproportionally large white flowers, in heavy sprays, all above leaves with interesting jagged margins and strongly twisted seed pods ...

4,13 EUR*
Details Lilium Regale Seeds

This beautiful plant produces 6 inch long funnel or trumpet shaped, large, white, yellow-throated flowers, flushed purple outside. They are very strongly fragrant, especially at night. The plant is stem-rooting, leaves being borne at irregular ...

3,39 EUR*
Details Digitalis Grandiflora Seeds

Spikes of chocolate netted, large sulphur yellow flowers over rosettes of strongly veined leaves. This is the largest and most spectacular flowered of the yellow foxgloves. Perennial and long lived. SOWING ADVICE: For best results, sow seeds ...

5,17 EUR*
Details Myrtus Communis Seeds

This upright, evergreen, bushy shrub bears profuse fragrant white flowers followed by purple-black berries and is perfect for growing in a shaded warm area. The excellent, dense, evergreen foliage consists of small lanceolate leaves which are strongly ...

4,13 EUR*
Details Molopospermum Peloponnesiacum Seeds

This rare and strikingly attractive, strongly aromatic plant, comes from the mountains of central and southern Europe and bears jaggedly cut, glossy green foliage, and creamy umbels turning lime green. In late spring it produces large numbers of ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Lilium Henryi Seeds

In late summer numerous bright golden orange 'turkscap' flowers with strongly reflexed petals open on very tall stems. This very fine vigorous Chinese lily, which likes a position in dappled shade, is virtually indestructible, and with just a little ...

4,57 EUR*
Details Salvia Apiana Seeds

"Bee Sage" A perfect plant for a hot garden bearing strongly aromatic, leathery, grey-leaved rosettes which produce stems of pale lavender flowers. Tea made from the leaves has many beneficial properties. SOWING ADVICE: For best results, sow seeds ...

26,00 EUR*

5 LB, Safflower Bird Food, Special Seed That Strongly Attracts Cardinals, Nuthatches, Titmice & Chickadees, Safflower Is Not Eaten By Most Squirrels Or Blackbirds.

4,65 EUR*
Details Iris Graminea Seeds

Plum-scented, reddish-purple flowers with white falls strongly veined with violet, open in June and July. This beardless dwarf spuria iris is native from Spain to Russia and throughout the Caucasus. The name 'Graminea' means 'grass', referring to the ...

4,27 EUR*
Details Mandevilla Laxa Seeds

A famous and beautiful shrub grown mainly for its overpowering, strongly scented flowers of creamy-white. In warm countries it can reach a height of 3-5m outside. A warm, sheltered spot is essential for masses of fragrant flowers, although once ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Euphorbia Stygiana Seeds

An extremely rare shrub now found only in the Azores Islands where it is almost extinct. This extremely attractive plant has distinctively white-veined, leathery green leaves and large yellow flower heads which are strongly honey-scented in spring and ...